Postres Azucarados

Meeting the needs of today’s demanding customer, non-dairy toppings are increasing in popularity around the world. Flavouring preparations bring a fresh bouquet of taste and colour to all you bakery creations. You can use Classic Flavourings with their smooth texture or Summum flavourings which contain pieces. Both Classic and Summum are loaded with fruits. With a dosage of 3 to 10% they are bringing a high fruit content in your recipe. Whichever option you choose, your products will be immeasurably enlivened and enhanced.

What are the advantages of our flavouring preparations?

Puratos Flavouring Preparations enable you to differentiate your products through taste and innovation. Even at a low dosage, Fruit Flavouring Preparations add high fruit content to your creations, as well as a wealth of natural colours and flavours.

They also give you peace of mind, guaranteeing:

  • Stability in the cooking and freezing processes
  • Homogeneous texture that’s easy to work with
  • Long storage
  • Consistency of product quality
  • All-year-round availability

How can Puratos Flavouring Preparations be used?

Our Flavouring Preparations can be used in a range of applications, including:

  • Mousses, ice creams and Bavarois
  • Glazings and coatings
  • Butter creams or custard creams (crèmes pâtissières)
  • Fillings for chocolates

Postres Azucarados


Merengue en Polvo

Postres azucarados

Mezcla en polvo para la elaboración de merengue instantáneo.

Tegral base chocolate

Postres azucarados

Premezcla en polvo a base de harina de trigo para elaborar tortas sabor chocolate.


Postres azucarados

Mezcla en polvo a base de azúcar molida para repostería.

Topfil Piña

Rellenos, Postres azucarados

Relleno frutal natural y auténtico de Puratos, perfecto para enriquecer tus postres con el sabor intenso y fresco de la piña.

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